Civil rights violations today

Danish police arrest nearly 1,000 protesters at climate conference: here.

Climate activists have criticised Danish police for employing draconian tactics after nearly 1,000 people were arrested in Copenhagen during climate change protests at the weekend: here.

About the Copenhagen conference: Climate justice campaigners have condemned Britain for being the only country to ask developing nations to repay “aid” given to tackle environmental change: here.

This video from the USA is called Berkeley Student PROTEST againt tuition hike- beaten by police!!!!!

California police are engaged in a major crackdown on student protests against budget cuts, tuition increases and the attack on public education: here.

Britain: David Miliband has launched an unprecedented attack on a High Court ruling which would force the government to disclose information relating to the detention and torture of Binyam Mohamed, branding it “irresponsible”: here.

Reprieve has accused the government of gross hypocrisy over its attempts to smear torture opponents and the media to deflect attention from its own shameful involvement in the abuse of Binyam Mohamed: here.

Legal action group Reprieve has dismissed attempts by a Tory member of the intelligence and security committee (ISC) to downplay MI5’s role in the torture of Binyam Mohamed: here.

New evidence cataloguing the torture and abuse of Binyam Mohamed by US intelligence services emerged on Thursday – despite the British government’s continued attempts to prevent details of his case being released: here.

US ORDERED BINYAM TORTURE –accepted by Washington District Court: here.

The US has been slammed over its threats to withdraw intelligence sharing in the wake of the Court of Appeal ruling in the Binyam Mohamed case: here. See also here.

The political fallout over revelations of Britain’s complicity in the torture by US forces of former Guantanamo Bay detainee Binyam Mohamed has embroiled the Brown government and MI5 in equal measure: here.

The Court of Appeal’s judgement in the Binyam Mohamed case reveals the depth of the relationship of the US and British security services: here.

Britain is becoming a police state, academics have warned after an MP announced that counter-terrorism officers were being stationed in universities identified as vulnerable to extremists: here.

The resort to martial law in the Philippines is directed against the working class and highlights the political consequences of the deepening global economic crisis and rising class tensions internationally: here.

4 thoughts on “Civil rights violations today

  1. From: CHD ManCom

    Date: Fri, Feb 26, 2010 at 1:16 PM
    Subject: Doctors’ Statement on Medical Findings on the 43 Health Workers
    To: Hets Chd

    Doctors’ Statement on Medical Findings on the 43 Health Workers


    Julie P. Caguiat, MD

    0909-1133038 / 929-8109

    We, volunteer medical doctors, strongly condemn the continuing psychological torture inflicted upon the 43 health workers illegally detained by the Armed Forces of the Philippine at Camp Capinpin. We also deplore the military’s disrespect for the basic human rights of the detained health workers, including their right to medical services.

    Despite repeated requests from lawyers and family members, we have been denied entry by the camp authorities nine times. We were only allowed to see the detainees on February 11 (six days since their illegal arrest) and only upon the intervention by the Chairperson of the Commission on Human Rights, and on February 24, when only one of the 3 physicians was allowed to enter. Under severely restricted conditions, the check-ups merely lasted for 10-15 minutes and under the scrutiny of 2-3 guards standing in close proximity, which made our patients feel uneasy. Such is the violation of their right to health and their right to privacy.

    After the medical check-ups, we still endorsed our patients and their particular medical needs to their custodians. However, to date, no medical intervention has been made accordingly.

    According to reports from the families, our colleagues who are now our patients continue to suffer from various physical and mental conditions. Two of them asked their custodians for emergency medical help but no medical attention was provided.

    Under Republic Act 7438 Sec. 2(f), “Any person arrested or detained or under custodial investigation shall be allowed visits by or conferences with any member of his immediate family, or any medical doctor or priest or religious minister chosen by him or by any member of his immediate family or by his counsel… The person’s “immediate family” shall include his or her spouse, fiancé or fiancée, parent or child, brother or sister, grandparent or grandchild, uncle or aunt, nephew or niece, and guardian or ward.”

    These provisions, meant to recognize both the needs and the rights of the detained health workers, are being violated on a daily basis.

    Hence, we demand that the rights of the 43 detained health workers be recognized. We demand an immediate end to torture.

    Free the 43 health workers now!


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