Early woodpecker music

Today, from the forest to the south of the nature reserve, the sound of a great spotted woodpecker making music with a tree branch. An early herald of spring, even though it is freezing today.

This video says about itself:

Great Spotted Woodpecker, female, has wedged a pine cone into a telegraph pole so she can extract seeds easier.

A ring-necked parakeet.

In a garden opposite the reserve: dunnock, blue tit, robin.

Great egret, hare, and fungi

Yesterday, in a birch tree in a garden opposite the nature reserve: a great tit, a collared dove, and a jackdaw, eating.

Though there already is ice in the ditches, still fungi in the reserve: porcelain fungus, sulphur tuft, giant polypore.

In the meadow to the east, a buzzard sitting on a pole.

This is a great egret video.

More to the north, a great egret and a few hares.

A ring-necked parakeet flying.