If the climate would be a bank …

This video is called From Kyoto to Copenhagen, it’s time for climate justice.

Translated from the French of Ignacio Ramonet, about the climate summit in Copenhagen:

Hence also, because of the cynicism of many international leaders, the anger of thousands of environmental activists who have converged from all over the world to Denmark’s capital, chanting two gripping slogans: “Change the system, not the climate!” and “If the climate would be a bank, it would have been saved already!”

Tensions between the major imperialist powers and poor countries erupted Thursday at the UN climate talks, after the leaking of draft documents that would effectively ratify the privileged position of the United States and Europe in the world economy: here.

Scientists sign petition rebutting climate change deniers: here.

3 thoughts on “If the climate would be a bank …

  1. Protesters arrested at climate rally

    Denmark: Police have detained at least 40 people in central Copenhagen in the first street protests linked to the two-week climate conference there, as negotiators prepared for the final stage of talks on cutting global greenhouse gas emissions.

    About 400 people rallied peacefully in the centre of the capital, where corporate CEOs were meeting to discuss the role of business in the fight against global warming, banging drums and shouting: “Mind your business, this is our climate.”



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