Boy Scout founder Baden-Powell ‘executed PoW’


From the BBC:

Boy Scout founder Lord Baden-Powell ‘executed PoW’

Baden-Powell founded the Scouting movement in 1907

Documents suggesting that Boy Scout founder Lord Baden-Powell illegally executed a prisoner-of-war have been sold for £3,740.

Papers relating to the Second Matabele War in 1896 say Baden-Powell, then a Colonel in the British Army, ordered the shooting of an African chief.

The chief, Uwini, had been promised his life would be spared if he surrendered.

USA: A former camper at an upstate New York Boy Scout camp is accusing former Rep. Gary Ackerman of being a sexual predator. The lawsuit filed in Manhattan Supreme Court accuses Ackerman, who served for 15 terms as a New York City congressman until his retirement in 2012, of trying to touch and fondle the a 17-year-old teen in 1966 before forcing oral sex, when Ackerman was director of the camp in upstate New York, the New York Post reported over the weekend: here.

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