US Afghan puppets protect rapists

The YouTube text of this video says:

Two-years after she was beaten and raped by eight men, fourteen-year-old Samiya has yet to see justice.

Her story stands in contrast to Western claims that the lot of women in Afghanistan has improved since the US-led invasion.

Seven of the eight men who attacked Samiya were arrested, but her family believes their daughter’s rapists have powerful connections and are looking for revenge.

Samiya and he family live in fear and her father, whose story Al Jazeera reported on two years ago, has been imprisoned by a local leader after he sought justice for his daughter.

Al Jazeera’s Steve Chao has this exclusive report from Afghanistan.

Accoding to the BBC, an Afghan court has sentenced the mayor of the capital, Kabul, to four years in prison on corruption charges.

Gee, I was unaware that there was an official mayor of Kabul. Because all the time, Hamid Karzai, officially “President”, was unofficially called “the mayor of Kabul”. Though there is lots of corruption in Karzai’s administration, it seems that we will have to wait for a court case about that until there is a serious clash between Mr Karzai and his NATO backers.

100th British soldier killed in Afghanistan this year: here.

This is a video from the USA, an interview with the RAWA women’s organization in Afghanistan.

Poverty in Afghanistan: here.

Only 5% Of Spending In Afghanistan For Humanitarian Needs: here.

TARIQ ALI: “Obama’s Afghan-Pak Syndrome”: here.

Private contractors employed by the Defense Department in Afghanistan will continue to outnumber the size of the American troop presence, even after President Obama sends 30,000 more soldiers to fight in the war, according to the military’s most recent contractor count: here.

Ethicist: Obama’s Afghanistan plan falls short of just-war criteria: here.

ADA Calls Afghanistan a Quagmire Worse than Vietnam: here.

Over the past week, Obama’s leading national security officials have dropped any pretense that the administration’s military escalation in Afghanistan is aimed at hastening a withdrawal of US troops, beginning in July 2011: here.

Obama to extend US attacks in Pakistan: here.

USA: Kucinich: Afghans want to be Saved from Us, Not by Us: here.

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