Economic crisis in Britain and the USA

UNICEF’s research into contemporary social conditions facing British children paints a startling picture of poverty and official neglect: here.

THE Morgan Stanley bank is worried that the world crisis is going to shatter the already bankrupt UK economy, causing a flight of capital out of the country and a crash of the pound sterling, unleashing a deeper slump and massive inflation: here.

The jobs, wages and working conditions of thousands of airline workers are under threat due to proposals to merge the British Airways and Spanish carrier Iberia airlines: here.

This video from the USA is called Berkeley Student Protest againt tuition hike- beaten by police.

USA: In late October, four faculty members of Southwestern Community College in Chula Vista, California were suspended by the administration because of their involvement in campus protests against budget cuts. The suspensions, which took place amidst growing opposition throughout the state to the gutting of funding for public education, are an attempt to intimidate faculty and students: here.

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