Uruguayan Leftist victory

This video is a Frente Amplio song from Uruguay.

A former guerilla has won Uruguay’s presidential run-off, keeping the ruling centre-left Broad Front coalition in power for another five-year term, beginning on March 1: here.

See also here. And here.

A major uprising was launched in Uruguay on January 28, 1935 against President Gabriel Terra. The revolt led to fighting between rebel groups and government loyalists in all of the country’s 18 provinces. By January 29, a rebel militia had attacked government troops in the capital of Montevideo: here.

3 thoughts on “Uruguayan Leftist victory

  1. Mujica to be sworn in among people

    Uruguay: Former guerrilla fighter Jose Mujica will shun Montevideo’s presidential palace to be sworn in as the country’s leader in the capital’s main plaza on Monday.

    Mr Mujica, who was jailed for more than 14 years for resisting Uruguay’s military rulers in the 1970s, won 52 per cent of the vote in last November’s elections to succeed fellow leftist President Tabare Vasquez.

    Eduardo Galeano, author of Open Veins of Latin America, emphasised that Mr Mujica’s decision represented “his intention to make Uruguay a nation for all, and not just for the fortunate few.”



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