New Bagram torture scandal

These two videos from the USA say about themselves:

7 October 2009

Speech given at National Campaign for Nonviolent Resistance rally

As the U.S. led war in Afghanistan begins its ninth year this week, 61 were arrested bringing a strong message to the White House that war, torture and drone bombing are outrageous, unacceptable and must end immediately. National anti-war groups and people from around the country joined together to say No to War in Afghanistan. No to Torture and Vengeance.

Bush administration’s torture policies.

Hundreds of people gathered in McPherson Square for song, poetry and rousing speeches to kick off a day of action. This is the reflection that Liz McAlister gave to those gathered, who would soon be processing to the White House led by the Mourn the dead, heal the wounded, end the wars banner. Those gathered then marched to the White House in a solemn procession, carrying large photographs of war victims, signs and banners. …

Members of Witness Against Torture, a group committed to the shuttering of Guantanamo and the quickly enlarging Bagram air base in Afghanistan … chained themselves to the fence.

From the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan:

November 28, 2009

Afghan teenagers claim abuse at a US prison

The two Afghans said they were beaten by American guards, photographed naked and deprived of sleep during their detention at Bagram airbase.

Two Afghan teenagers held in a prison in northern Kabul say they have been abused by US forces in Afghanistan, The Washington Post has reported.

In an article published on Friday, the newspaper said the Afghan teens had been held in solitary confinement in concrete cells for at least two weeks while undergoing daily interrogation about their alleged links to the Taliban.

The two Afghans said they were beaten by American guards, photographed naked and deprived of sleep during their detention at Bagram airbase.

According to the article, the two teenagers, Issa Mohammad, 17, and Abdul Rashid, (who claimed to be under the age of 16), said they were punched and slapped in the face by American guards during their incarceration.

Obama had promised to put an end to the harsh interrogation methods previously authorized by the Bush administration.

The facility described by the two Afghans appears to be a holding center run by US Special Operations forces on a different part of the Bagram base, the main American-run prison, the paper noted.

Jonathan Horowitz, who works on detention issues in Afghanistan for the Open Society Institute, said: “These allegations of physical and mental abuse at a secretive facility are, if true, patently unacceptable and must be investigated.”

The Washington Post says there have been different reports about the existence of an interrogation facility at Bagram run by Special Operations forces, but little has been revealed about living conditions or interrogation methods there. The International Committee of the Red Cross has been demanding access to the facility and to the detainees there but thus far, its requests have not been granted.

Talking about Afghanistan; by Saeed Qureshi:

Despite his umpteen follies, and in the face of a bogus election façade, Hamid Karzai has again assumed the presidency in Kabul. The degeneracy of a poltical system is manifest in the exigent way this most mind boggling anti-democratic feat was surmounted with the explicit blessing of America.

The Globe and Mail’s foreign correspondent Graeme Smith has written an opinion piece calling for Canadian troops to be pulled out of Afghanistan: here.

Afghan Mission In Doubt After Lies About Civilian Deaths Force German Minister To Resign: here.

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