Dutch students occupy university

After massive student actions in Austria, Germany, the USA, and other students have occupied the university of Groningen in the Netherlands.

From the students’ press release:

Years of budget cuts and a neoliberal [Thatcherite] logic have caused an ever-decreasing quality [of education]. In the context of the economic crisis these problems will only increase. After the government has pumped billions into banks, it now plans a 20 percent cut on education budgets. Students therefore are threatened by a freeze or even complete abolition of scholarships, increasing dependence on loans, raises of tuition fees, abolition of the public transport card and other issues worsening.

The problems that prevail now will therefore only increase. Students, but society as a whole as well, are ultimately the ones to suffer. Instead of kicking downwards, at students and staff, the [Groningen university] Executive Board should kick upwards, at the people who make these destructive policies.

This is a Dutch TV video about the Groningen occupation.

Thousands of students demonstrate in Leipzig, Germany: here.

A wave of student struggle is sweeping over the streets of the Serbian capital, Belgrade. Three marches of some 1,500 students held on Monday, Wednesday and Friday last week have marked a new phase in student organisation: here.

Nearly all Greek university departments and over 500 schools throughout the country were yesterday being occupied by students in mass and militant mobilisations commemorating the killing of 16-years-old school boy Alexis Grigoropoulos by a police ‘special guard’ in December 2008: here.

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