Anti women crimes in central America

Interview with Central America Womens Network: here.

Latin American women activists have called on Britain to join international efforts in pressing Mexico and central American countries to address the “pandemic” rape and murder of women in the region: here.

The killing of women by men, a form of gender-based violence known as femicide, has in recent years suddenly reached epidemic proportions in parts of Honduras, Mexico and Guatemala: here.

Puerto Rican Women Face Rising Tide of Violence: here.

SANTO DOMINGO, Dec 2 (IPS) – Dominican organisations focused on the rights of women are bringing in assistance from all over Latin America to aid them in their fight against Article 30 in the recently approved constitution which states that the right to life is inviolable from conception until death: here.

As part of its war on drugs the Mexican military has executed prisoners, tortured civilians and captured suspects illegally, Amnesty International has said, here.

In France, a woman dies from her husband’s or partner’s blows every 55 hours. This statistic goes a long way to shed some light on the incredible leniency where violence against women is concerned: here.

Judicial authorities have ordered the capture of former Guatemalan president Alfonso Portillo at the weekend: here.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Humberto Montes de Oca, interior secretary of the Mexican Electricians’ Union (Sindicato Mexicano de Electristras – SME), was on his way to Washington, he told a meeting here recently. His mission: to lodge a complaint with NAFTA authorities against the Mexican government for labor violations: here.

Lately there have been several different works that call attention to violence against women in our contemporary world. I will mention them in order of my encounter with them: here.

7 thoughts on “Anti women crimes in central America

  1. Mags to blame for low self-esteem

    Media: Women are suffering poor self-esteem because of advertising campaigns which use airbrushing techniques to portray “unattainable perfection,” a survey by beauty brand Dove has found.

    Images of models which have been digitally altered are causing more than two-thirds of women to suffer low confidence about their bodies.


  2. Six more die in Felipe’s drug war

    Mexico: Four gunmen and two soldiers have been killed at the weekend in a shootout on a motorway checkpoint close to the US border.

    The deaths are the latest casualties in Mexican President Felipe Calderon’s all-out war against drug cartels which has claimed more than 15,000 lives since 2006.

    Mexico’s Ministry of Public Security sent in helicopter gunships to patrol the area, near the Nuevo Leon state capital Monterrey adding to a force of more than 45,000 troops that the president has ordered to patrol the country’s northern states.


  3. Two ‘dirty war’ soldiers arrested

    Guatemala: Two former soldiers involved in the 1982 massacre of more than 200 villagers during the country’s dirty war have been arrested, a human rights activist announced at the weekend.

    Aura Farfan of the Association of Missing Relatives of Guatemala said that two former sergeants who belonged to a military counterinsurgency squad were arrested last Tuesday.

    Ms Farfan said that Manuel Pop Sun and Reyes Collin Gualip were the first former soldiers to be arrested in the killings of more than 200 civilians.


  4. Mexican state reduces penalty for abortion ‘crime’

    (AFP) – 7 hours ago

    MEXICO CITY — Six women condemned to up to 29 years in prison for abortion will see their sentences reduced to eight years thanks to a reform in central Mexico, defense groups said Monday.

    The reform, which passed last week in Guanajuato state, still considers abortion an “infanticide,” said Veronica Cruz, the head of a local women’s group.

    Half of Mexico’s 32 states punish abortions with prison sentences. Mexico City is alone in having decriminalized abortion during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.



    CONTACT: Katie Joaquin,, IAMR3 Media/Publicity Committee
    (044) 559-104-7318

    Migrants of the World Gather to Denounce Mexico’s Mistreatment of Migrant Workers

    MEXICO CITY – In response to the murder of 72 migrants that took place in San Fernando Ranch, as many as one hundred local and international protesters gathered in front of Department of International Relations (Secretaria de Relaciones Externas, SRE) to demand the Mexican state’s accountability to its people by creating policies of protection, defending the rights of migrants, and rejecting the legitimacy of the of the fourth Global Forum on Migration Development (GFMD.)

    “Nosotros los migrants hemos venido hablar por nosotros mismos y no queremos que los intellectuales hablan por nosotros.” [We migrants have come to speak for ourselves; we don’t want intellectuals to speak for us], said Jose Gonzalez of International Migrants Alliance and Frente Indigena Organizaciones Binacionales. (Los Angeles, CA).

    With the Juarez Monument in Alameda Park serving as its backdrop, the migrant populations excluded by the GFMD displayed the calls “No to GFMD” and “Defend and Advance the Rights of Migrants”. “Sin direchos, sin proteccion, esta es el impacto de capitalismo – depende de la explotacion de los migrantes. Estamos en la lucha hasta lograr la victoria final!” [Withot rights, without protection, this is the impact of capitalism – it depends on the exploitation of migrants. We are in the struggle until we win the final victory!”said Lucho Grandados; Barrio Nuevo (Canada). The Caravana de Madres Centroamericanas displayed photos of their missing family members, the desceparicidos, while the Honduran flag waved behind them.

    The protest included participants from various nations and converged to demand justice, truth and reparation for the damages caused by the massacre of the 72 migrants. Some of the groups represented were The Comité Promotor del Tribunal Internacional de Conciencia (TIC), International Migrants Alliance, Philippine Forum (New York, USA), Frente Indigena De Organizaciones Binacionales, Asia Pacific Mission for Immigrants, IBON International, IBON North America (Washington, USA), Migrante Canada, Migrante Europe, Miredes International (Mexico), National Alliance For Filipino Concerns (NAFCON-USA), IMA Canada, CISPES, Movimiento Migrante Meso-Americano, Coalición de Mayo Uno, Caravana de Madres Centroamericanas, Familias Latinas Unidas Sin Fronteras, Barrio Nuevo de Canadá, and IBON Philippines.

    “We’re calling on not only the Filipinos, not only the Mexicans, but all migrant workers all over the world to expose and fight the GFMD”, exclaimed Garry Martinez, Chairperson of MIGRANTE- International (Philippines).

    This protest demanded the implementation of the guidelines outlined in Article 89 of the Mexican Constitution, which imposes obligations to act in accordance with the principles of self-determination for the people; no intervention; the pacific resolution of conflicts; the outlawing of the use of coercion or the use of force in international relations; the equality to judiciary process by the states; the international cooperation for development; and the struggle for peace and international security. “No hay derechos para todos, por asi por que decir ya basta!” [There are no rights for us all and for this reason we say no more! ] said Celina Benitez of CISPES (Los Angeles, CA).

    This rally is one of several concluding events programmed under the TIC and the Third International Assembly for Migrants and Refugees, whose delegates are preparing for the departure of The Caravan for the Dignity of Migrants heading to Guadalajara and Puerto Vallarta.



    ‘Cannibals’ nicked for pastry killings

    BRAZIL: Three people have confessed to killing at least two women and using their flesh to make empanadas which they then sold to neighbours to eat.

    According to the police, the suspects — Jorge Negromonte, his wife Isabel Pires and his mistress Bruna Oliveira da Silva — were allegedly part of a sect that preached “the purification of the world and the reduction of its population,” and lured victims to their house by advertising for a nanny.

    Enraged neighbours burned their house to the ground last week.


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