Kashmir wildlife increase

From Reuters:

Kashmir wildlife population rising

DACHIGAM, INDIA — The wildlife population of Indian Kashmir has registered a “manifold” increase as a two-decade-old separatist rebellion has scared away poachers and hunters from the region, a wildlife official said on Tuesday.

Rare birds like the black partridge

Rather: black francolin

and pheasant have increased in thousands while more Asiatic black bear, leopards, musk deer [see also here] and hangul, a rare red deer, now roam the disputed Himalayan region’s pine forests.

“For fear of being caught in exchanges of fire between militants and the security forces, no one dared to venture deep into the forests in the past 20 years,” Kashmir’s wildlife warden, Rashid Naqash, told Reuters in Dachigam Sanctuary.

“Also, local hunters were ordered to hand in their guns. The impact is visible, there has been a manifold increase in wildlife.”

In 1990, Indian authorities asked residents to deposit their hunting rifles with police as part of efforts to quell the revolt.

Authorities estimate the number of threatened black bear, which also inhabit hilly and mountainous forests across Asia from Afghanistan to Taiwan, has jumped in Kashmir to 2,500-3,000 from 700-800 since 1990.

Officials say the increase in wildlife population is good news for Kashmir’s ailing tourism industry.

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2 thoughts on “Kashmir wildlife increase

  1. Separatists launch anniversary action

    INDIA: Businesses shut down and troops patrolled Srinagar today as separatists declared a strike on the anniversary of a 1931 massacre by the British-backed Dogra monarchy that ruled the region from 1846 to 1947.

    Martyrs’ Day marks the execution of 21 Kashmiri Muslims who participated in a revolt against the authorities who governed the territory on behalf of the British crown.

    Early in the day Chief Minister Omar Abdullah, the top elected official in Jammu-Kashmir state, paid homage to the men slain in 1931 at their graves under tight security.



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