5 December anti Berlusconi day

This punk music video from Italy is called NOT MY PRESIDENT – KILLER SOUND – NO BERLUSCONI DAY (Original Version).

Translated from AT5 TV in Amsterdam in the Netherlands:

20 November 2009 17:41

5 December anti Berlusconi day

5 December this year will be not just the Sinterklaas holiday, but ‘No Berlusconi Day‘ as well.

The No Berlusconi Day (NBD) committee will have demonstrations in many cities in Italy on 5 December, under the slogan: Save Italy, save democracy. Also on the Leidseplein in Amsterdam on 5 December there will be at 3pm an anti Berlusconi demonstration.

On the network site Facebook in Italy, a mass movement has arisen to demand the dismissal of prime minister Silvio Berlusconi. The initiators, on their web site www.noberlusconiday.org have a page in olandese (Dutch) as well. “We can no langer be passive as a whole country has been held to ransom for over 15 years by someone who feels he owns the government and has an aggressive attitude against all forms of freedom whatever,” they say.

There is a page in English too.

See also here.

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