McDonalds’ misleading advertising

This video from the USA is called McDonalds Food – The Truth.

From DutchNews:

McDonalds ‘misled’ customers over meat

Wednesday 18 November 2009

Fast food chain McDonalds misled consumers when it claimed in an advert that the meat used in its hamburgers came from cows which had grazed in the fields, the Dutch advertising authority said in a statement.

‘The meat used in Big Macs comes from European cows which are not only kept indoors but can also graze happily outside,’ the tv advert said.

However, McDonalds has never made an agreement with its meat suppliers about the living conditions of the cows and so cannot make that guarantee, the commission said. The advert is therefore ‘misleading’.

McDonalds has 13 days to appeal against the judgment.

The case was brought by animal rights group Wakker Dier.

3 thoughts on “McDonalds’ misleading advertising

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