US gay media company closed down

This video from the USA is called Washington Blade‘s 40th Anniversary Video.

From Pink News in Britain:

America’s biggest gay media company forced to close

By Staff Writer • November 16, 2009 – 17:15

Window Media LCC, the largest publisher of LGBT newspapers and websites in America, has closed down.

The company owns the Washington Blade, Southern Voice, Dallas Voice, David magazine and the South Florida Blade.

It is thought that a major shareholder had been forced into liquidation and faced federal receivership.

The Washington Blade recently celebrated its 40th anniversary, while Southern Voice was founded 21 years ago.

Southern Voice editor Laura Douglas-Brown arrived at her Atlanta office today to find the locks changed and a note on the door saying the parent company had ceased business.

Douglas-Brown told Creative Loafing: “It’s not just a loss for the employees, but the gay community as well.”

She added: “[This] didn’t happen because of a lack of need for our publications. It didn’t happen because of a lack of hard dedicated work by local staff. And that’s the shame of it. . .It’s a sad tale, how it all came crashing down.”

BuzzFeed looks at the past, present and precarious future of LGBT media.

A 10-year-old Arkansas boy name Will Phillips has decided that he cannot in good conscience pledge allegiance to the flag as long as the country for which it stands refuses legal equality to its GLBT citizens: here.

Gay people in Nazi Germany: how hate triumphs: here.

A Philippines gay rights group is waging a legal battle to be allowed to run in next year’s polls: here.

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