Pakistani rockers against United States war

This is a music video of an anti war song, called Ready to Die, by Pakistani rock band co-VEN.

From New York Times blogger Adam B. Ellick:

November 11, 2009, 1:59 pm

Pakistan Rock Rails Against the West, Not the Taliban

While Pakistani journalists, playwrights and even moderate Islamic clerics have boldly condemned the Taliban, the nation’s pop music stars have yet to sing out against the group, which continues to claim responsibility for daily bombings.

The violence has no shortage of victims in addition to the dead: more than three million people have become refugees, and more than 200 schools for girls have been destroyed. And the musicians I spoke to have suffered as well, which makes it all the more surprising that they are reluctant to criticize the militants.

Mr Ellick, that is not so really surprising. Like other Pakistanis, these rock musicians know that the Taliban are a product of CIA interference in Afghanistan and Pakistan. And, like most Pakistanis, they know that those over three million refugees and other tragic consequences of the Pentagon’s “AfPak” war, are not just caused by the Taliban, but also by Pakistani official armed forces, with their long history of military dictatorships and links both to the Taliban and to the United States military-industrial complex.

Pakistani pop musicians once had two main ways to make money: live concerts and corporate sponsorships. But because of deteriorating security in the last two years, the concert scene — and the revenue that comes with it — has all but vanished.

Musicians are now relegated to televised performances. …

The result is a surge of bubble-gum stars who have become increasingly politicized. Some are churning out ambiguous, cheery lyrics urging their young fans to act against the nation’s woes. Others simply vilify the United States.

“Simply vilify”, Mr Ellick? How about those drones killing Pakistani peasants?

More about drones: here.

According to veteran journalist Seymour Hersh, US officials have pushed for an “understanding” that American forces can enter Pakistan to secure its nuclear arsenal in the event of a direct threat, particularly a mutiny by anti-American Islamist tendencies inside the Pakistani armed forces: here.

Civil war spreads across north west Pakistan: here.

Pakistan has warned the US that sending more soldiers to Afghanistan could endanger its southwest border region: here.

USA: Photos/Video-Veterans For Peace March At End Of Boston Veterans Day Parade: here.

1 thought on “Pakistani rockers against United States war

  1. US-backed radio hits the airwaves

    Pakistan: The notorious US-propaganda arm Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty has started broadcasting to the tribal areas.

    The network said that its new Radio Mashaal – or Torch in Pashto – was broadcasting from its headquarters in Prague in order to provide an alternative to “Islamic extremist stations.”

    US Special Representative to Afghanistan and Pakistan Richard Holbrooke said that Radio Mashaal’s “commitment to professional journalism in the local language will be an important contribution toward peace, reconciliation and democracy in the region.”


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