Australian Mary River conservation victory

This December 2013 video from Australia is called Wildlife Warriors Assessment – The Mary River Turtle – Leila Barnsley.

From AFP news agency:

Australian dam project shelved to save fish, turtles

Thursday, November 12

SYDNEY – – Australia on Wednesday rejected plans to build a massive new dam, despite pleas it is needed to provide water to residents, because of its feared impact on endangered fish and turtles.

Environment Minister Peter Garrett said the 1.8 billion dollar (1.7 billion US) Traveston Crossing Dam, in Queensland state, would have had an irreversible impact on Australian Lungfish, the Mary River Turtle and Mary River Cod.

“It is clear to me that the Traveston Dam cannot go ahead without unacceptable impacts on matters of national environmental significance,” Garrett told reporters.

“The area that would be flooded by this proposal is a critical habitat for populations of these species.”

A huge community campaign in opposition to the construction of a new dam on the Mary River, north of Brisbane, ended last week with a victory for people power: here.

3 thoughts on “Australian Mary River conservation victory

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