British pro-peace soldier Joe Glenton arrested

This video from Britain is called Joe Glenton – Serving soldier defies orders to speak out on Afghan war.

From British daily The Morning Star:

BREAKING NEWS: Anti-war soldier Joe Glenton arrested

Tuesday 10 November 2009

by Jonathan Paige

Anti-war soldier Joe Glenton has been arrested. The lance corporal already faces charges for desertion and has been charged with five more offences after he spoke out opposing British troops in Afghanistan.

Lance Corporal Glenton, 27, joined the army in 2004 and went absent without leave in 2007 for two years. He has been charged with leading the anti-war demo on October 24 and speaking to the press in defiance of orders. If convicted, he could be imprisoned for 10 years – on top of the three to four years he’ll get if his desertion charge is upheld.

Lindsey German of the Stop The War Coalition said: “This is not about breach of military regulations. In the last few days a range of military personnel have been speaking in the media in defence of this appalling war. I doubt any of them have been arrested.

“This is about the persecution of a soldier who believes in telling the truth in accordance with his conscience. He is saying what the majority of the population believe; this war is unwinnable and immoral.

“The anti-war movement will be doing everything possible to get Joe released,” she added.

EMERGENCY PROTEST AT THE MINISTRY OF DEFENCE: If you live in London, please try to join the protest on Thursday 12 November, 5pm, at the Ministry of Defence, Whitehall (opposite Downing Street).

USA: Labor Antiwar Group Refocuses on Afghanistan: here.

USA: Study: 2,200 Vets Died Last Year Because They Lacked Health Insurance: here.

From the Barracks to the Homeless Shelter. Homelessness Among Vets Persists: here.

President Barack Obama used his speech at Tuesday’s service for the 13 men and women killed last week at Fort Hood, Texas to promote the two ongoing US wars and his own plan to escalate the intervention in Afghanistan: here.

Malalai Joya, author of A Woman Among Warlords: The Extraordinary Story of an Afghan Who Dared to Raise Her Voice, discusses the absence of democracy in Afghanistan after eight years of “humanitarian” occupation, how the U.S. and NATO treat Afghan warlords like political moderates instead of war criminals, humanitarian aid that enriches the politically connected instead of helping ordinary Afghans and the continuing assault on women’s rights: here.

8 thoughts on “British pro-peace soldier Joe Glenton arrested

  1. Wednesday, 11th November 2009

    46% think war is increasing threat

    One in five voters believes Britain’s presence in Afghanistan is helping protect the UK

    Published Date: 11 November 2009

    Only one in five voters believes Britain’s military presence in Afghanistan is helping protect the UK from terror, a poll shows in a blow to the Government’s efforts to shore up public support for the war.
    The survey, by GFX NOP for the Independent, found nearly half (46%) thought the conflict was in fact increasing the domestic threat and 14% believed it was making no difference.

    Gordon Brown made a fresh bid to explain the strategy to the country on Tuesday, saying the troops were there “to protect the streets of Britain from al Qaida” and the support they could be given by the Taliban.

    The poll however, of 1,000 voters, found only 21% backed the argument that the UK was safer as a result, with 19% saying they did not know either way.

    Fresh pressure over the mission was put on the Prime Minister on Tuesday night when 19 Labour MPs backed a call for him to lead an urgent Commons debate. Among the backers of the motion is Kim Howells, chair of the Intelligence and Security Committee who dramatically broke with Government policy last week by calling for the phased withdrawal of the bulk of Britain’s military force from the country.

    The early day motion, tabled by ex-minister Frank Field, says there should be a debate on strategy early in the new session of Parliament to examine the mission’s objectives and “the timescale over which the Government believes these goals will be achieved”.

    Only one in five voters believes Britain’s military presence in Afghanistan is helping protect the UK from terror, a new poll has shown, in a blow to the Government’s efforts to shore up public support for the war: here.


  2. Aid worker held after shooting

    Afghanistan: Police detained a foreign aid worker on Tuesday over the killing of an Afghan boy in Sar-e-Pul province at the weekend.

    Local governor Abdul Ghani said that a boy named Hayatullah was shot dead by the Global Partners & Associates employee because he had been mistaken for an intruder.

    The London-based firm said in a statement yesterday that it was working with Afghanistan authorities to determine how the death occurred.


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