Brown gets dead British soldier’s name wrong

This video from Britain is called Military Families Against the WarAfghanistan – Bring the troops home Oct 09.

From Associated Press:

Brown: sorry for wrong Afghan condolence note<

By SYLVIA HUI – 36 minutes ago

LONDON — A handwritten condolence note written by Prime Minister Gordon Brown to the grieving mother of a soldier slain in Afghanistan caused the government fresh embarrassment on Monday.

Jacqui Janes, who lost her 20-year-old son Jamie Janes in Afghanistan last month, complained that Brown hastily wrote the condolence letter, misspelling both her and her son’s name.

In the letter, published in The Sun newspaper, Brown began by writing “Dear Mrs. James.”

“I write to offer you and you family my personal condolencs,” the scribbled note read, which also misspelled the word condolences.

Brown misspelled “Jamie,” then corrected it by scrawling over the mistake.

Mrs. Janes, 47, said the letter was insulting.

“He couldn’t even be bothered to get our family name right. That made me so angry,” she was quoted as saying.

Jamie Janes was killed by an explosion in Afghanistan on Oct. 5.

Support the troops; get their names right … and bring them home now!

From the Daily Telegraph in Britain:

As well as the wrongly-spelt names, the letter contained four other mistakes. Mr Brown wrote greatst for greatest, condolencs for condolences, you instead of your, and colleagus for colleagues.

He failed to dot the letter “i” and wrote security as securiity.

He ended the letter on a repetition, writing “my sincere condolences” and then signing off “Yours sincerely”.

Nine former ministers have attacked Gordon Brown’s plan to scrap tax relief for childcare vouchers, warning the prime minister that the move could cost Labour votes in key marginal seats: here.

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