Austrian students on strike

In this music video from Austria:

ANTI-FLAG‘s Justin Sane joined the international student protests for a free and better education in Vienna, Austria, by performing a version of The Clash – Should I Stay Or Should I Go at the occupied Auditorium Maximun of the University of Vienna. Join the INTERNATIONAL PROTESTS at (German), (English) or get more information on it at (German).

Students in Austria are engaging in strikes and protest actions with the central demand: “More money for education, not the banks and corporations”: here.

Student protests continue in Austria: here.

The European and international protest movement against deteriorating conditions in the education system reached a new high point on Tuesday, November 17, with almost 100,000 students, pupils, teachers and parents taking part in protests and demonstration throughout Germany: here.

2 thoughts on “Austrian students on strike

  1. Austria: Students occupy universities; mass demonstrations and broad
    solidarity throughout the country

    By the international press working group, Occupied University of Vienna
    November 3, 2009 — Throughout the last few years, studying conditions
    at Austrian universities have dramatically declined. The introduction of
    tuition fees, a massive cutback of democratic structures and lack of
    course availability are only some examples. Reasons can be found in the
    huge decline in university funding on the one hand and the introduction
    of the three-level “Bologna” system on the other, resulting in the
    implementation of admission reductions and limits. On October 22,
    students’ dissatisfaction turned into savage protest.

    * Read more


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