Big strike in Ireland

This music video is called Bob Marley – Get Up Stand Up Live In Dortmund, Germany.

From British daily News Line:

Friday, 6 November 200


‘We’re expecting a big turn out tomorrow for the nationwide demonstrations,’ an Irish Congress of Trade Unions (ICTU) spokesman told News Line yesterday.

He added: ‘The purpose of the Get Up Stand Up Campaign launched by ourselves with the support of all affiliates on the island of Ireland is to oppose the government and the way it is handling the crisis in favour of the banks.

‘The government has done nothing for jobs. And cutting incomes, including social welfare in a recession is not only morally wrong, it’s madness.

‘It will turn a recession into a depression.

‘Demonstrators will be carrying banners and placards saying “Banks 54m euros – jobs zero”.

‘Tomorrow is just the start of our campaign leading to the Budget.

‘There will be stoppages and 24-hour strikes to follow.’

The Get Up Stand Up Campaign website says: ‘We believe there is a fairer way.

‘Where are the plans to protect peoples’ jobs, or create new employment?

‘Where are the plans to protect peoples’ homes from repossession? And where are the plans to protect vital services at a time when greater numbers will come to depend on them?

‘The course of action proposed by government is both unworkable and unfair.

‘To cut peoples’ incomes in a recession invites economic freefall and to impose the greatest burden on low and middle income earners is unjust.

‘They played no role in causing this crisis and should not be presented with the bill.

‘This crisis demands fresh thinking. So far all we’ve seen are reruns and reheats of the same failed policies that have brought us to this sorry pass.

‘This crisis demands that people get active and get involved. Get Up, Stand Up!

‘Show your solidarity. March with us on November 6th!’9

Demonstration report: here.

Over 5,000 young Greek workers on so-called ‘training’ schemes in the public sector, demonstrated on Thursday in Athens and in other main cities against a government decision to immediately sack them: here.

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