Afghans demonstrate against NATO killings

This video from the USA is called Rethink Afghanistan (Part 4): Civilian Casualties.

From British daily The Morning Star:

Afghan villagers take to street over NATO airstrikes

Friday 06 November 2009

Hundreds of Afghan citizens have taken to the streets after NATO airstrikes and rocket attacks killed 10 people, including at least three children.

In the village of Korkhashien in Helmand province, angry villagers said that an overnight rocket strike killed nine civilians, including at least three children, as they harvested corn in their fields.

A convoy of vans and station wagons carrying the corpses drove from the governor’s office to a central market, where villagers condemned Afghan President Hamid Karzai and the Western occupation forces that are propping him up.

“Death to Karzai – death to the foreigners,” they yelled as passers-by looked through the car windows at the blanket-covered bodies.

NATO insisted that the target of the strike was a group of people believed to be planting a bomb and that it was investigating the allegations.

In Khost province, hundreds demonstrated on Thursday against an overnight airstrike that killed a resident of Baramkhil village.

Mandozayi district government head Walishah Hamat said that the dead man was innocent.

Meanwhile, the top UN official in Afghanistan Kai Eide urged Mr Karzai to crack down hard on corruption or risk losing the support of the West.

Mr Eide said: “There is a belief among some that the international commitment to Afghanistan will continue whatever happens. That is not correct – it is the public opinion in donor countries that decides the strength of that commitment.”

Britain: The mother of the most senior of five soldiers gunned down by a “rogue” Afghan policeman has called for British troops to be brought home: here.

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