Georgian human rights violations

From the Georgian International Media Centre:

Damning human rights report released

October 29, 2009 by georgiamedia

The new human rights Ombudsman in Georgia, has presented a damning indictment of Georgia’s human rights record to Parliament. This is especially revealing, as the Ombudsman, Giorgi Tugushi is a former MP from the governing party.

The report, which is said to run to 347 pages “focuses on human rights violation in law enforcement offices and prisons, as well as torture and inhumane treatment of prisoners.”

It also reports on bias within the judicial system, crackdowns on free expression and problems for IDPs.

The publication, which covers the first half of 2009 was originally compiled by Sozar Subari, Mr Tugushi’s predecessor, who has been praised internationally.

The new Ombudsman has not yet published an English version online so it can be read by international observers, but a Georgian copy is available to download here:

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