Poem on British labour movement

This music video says about itself:

The Chartist Anthem is a song sung by Chumbawamba. The song dates from the 1840’s and is about the campaign by working men for the vote.

From British daily The Morning Star:

Don’t let it fade – the dream our parents dreamt and made

Wednesday 28 October 2009

Colin Bartie

There was a time when we were only slaves,

Who worked and ate and slept, with nothing more

Than lives of toil that led to paupers’ graves.

Each year no better than the one before

Until we cried “enough of exploitation,”

And organised against the greedy few

Who robbed the poor and plundered every nation.

Our strength in unity was something new,

That grew in Unions and in time.

The result of struggle has been increased wealth,

Security for those who pass their prime,

And the guarantee of all our children’s health.

This is our traditiondon’t let it fade,

It is the dream our parents dreamt and made.

Don’t let it fade!

Colin Bartie is political adviser to David Martin MEP.

The Daily Worker during the Cold War: here.

Captain Swing was in fact a wave of rural revolt over wages and new technology that swept through parts of the English countryside in the last months of 1830: here.

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