British nazi parody video

This video from Britain is called Nick Griffin‘s Downfall …. Parody – Nick Griffin on Question Time………… Satire; based on the German film Der Untergang, about Adolf Hitler‘s downfall.

The BBC and the BNP: here. And here.

Slap Nick Griffin Internet game: here.

The National Union of Journalists has called for “tough and urgent” police action in response to the physical violence, intimidation and death threats members covering far-right demonstrations endure: here.

6 thoughts on “British nazi parody video

  1. Anti-BNP man cleared of abuse

    Justice: An Asian man has been cleared of racially abusing fascist BNP leader Nick Griffin.

    Tauriq Khalid denied shouting “white bastard” at far-right demonstrators in his home town of Burnley, Lancashire, in November last year.

    He told the jury that he had stopped his silver Vauxhall Astra and shouted “Nick Griffin, you fucking wanker” and made a V-sign with his fingers.

    A jury of five women and seven men cleared Mr Khalid of one count of using racially abusive threatening behaviour after deliberating for 45 minutes following a three-day trial at Preston Crown Court.


  2. No nuclear visit for banned Griffin

    Fascism: BNP leader Nick Griffin has moaned about being banned from visiting the Sellafield nuclear reprocessing plant on safety grounds.

    Mr Griffin, a nuclear power supporter, had requested a fact-finding tour of the Cumbria facility ahead of his planned visit to next month’s UN climate change summit in Copenhagen.


  3. BNP’s fascist Franco trip

    by Esme Choonara

    Nick Griffin, the leader of the British National Party (BNP), took time out from stoking up race hatred in Britain last weekend to hobnob with fellow fascists in Europe.

    Griffin attended an event organised to commemorate the death of Spanish fascist dictator General Francisco Franco. He was joined by his longstanding ally – and convicted terrorist – Italian fascist Roberto Fiore.

    Reports suggest Griffin also joined a trip to Franco’s tomb—a huge mausoleum built by the slave labour of thousands of Republican prisoners.

    Griffin’s trip to pay his respects to the deceased Spanish dictator followed hot on the heels of a series of appearances in east London as part of his plan to stand in Barking in the general election.

    Anti-fascist activists, local trade unionists and many Barking residents have vowed to stop Griffin’s election bid.

    Around 80 people demonstrated against Griffin in Barking on Thursday of last week. The protest was called by the RMT union and backed by Unite Against Fascism.

    Local sources say the protest forced Griffin to abandon a walkabout planned for that time.

    The protest brought together a number of residents horrified that Griffin is to target their area, with local community groups and other activists, including young people, the trades council and some Labour Party members.

    Steve Hedley, RMT London regional organiser, said the union called the protest because “the RMT is a multicultural union and Barking is a multicultural area.

    “We are standing up for the best traditions of tolerance for those who live and work in the East End against bigots who hope to cause division.”


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