Britain says Afghanistan is ‘safe’

This video from the USA is called Rethink Afghanistan (Part 4): Civilian Casualties.

From British daily The Morning Star:

The British Establishment was accused of gross hypocrisy after immigration judges backed Home Office claims that it was safe to deport asylum-seekers to war-torn Afghanistan.

See also here.

France sends Afghan refugees to war zones: here.

Talking about Afghanistan: Former and current soldiers and their families will take to the streets today leading thousands from across the country on the Bring the Troops Home demonstration organised by the Stop the War Coalition: here.

The wife of a soldier facing charges of desertion for refusing to redeploy to an unjust war speaks to peace activists about the challenges she has faced: here.

The top UN official in Afghanistan has said that the extensive fraud that marked the first round of presidential elections would be reduced but not eliminated in time for the run-off in two weeks: here.

Women’s Peace Offensive in Afghanistan: here.

Refugee campaigners reacted with fury after the government said it may resume flights taking failed asylum-seekers back to Zimbabwe: here.

2 thoughts on “Britain says Afghanistan is ‘safe’

  1. Joint statement: Respect human rights — free the refugees! Reject
    Australia’s ‘Indonesian solution’! Welcome the asylum seekers

    Joint statement by the Australian Socialist Alliance; Socialist Party
    (Australia); Socialist Party of Malaysia (PSM); Network of the Oppressed
    People (JERIT), Malaysia; CWI Malaysia; Confederation Congress of
    Indonesian Union Alliance (KASBI); Working Peoples Association (PRP),
    Indonesia; National Liberation Party of Unity (PAPERNAS), Indonesia;
    Indonesian National Front for Labor Struggle (FNPBI); Socialist Worker
    New Zealand, Socialist Alternative (Australia), Partido Lakas ng Masa,
    Philippines, Transform Asia, Labour Party Pakistan, Resistance
    (Australia) and Militan-Indonesia

    * Read more


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