US, UK economic crisis

A revised analysis of 2008 US census data shows that nearly 50 million Americans, 15.8 percent of the population, lived in poverty: here.

This video is called Poverty USA – Native Americans – 16 Nov 07.

Michigan Governor Jennnifer Granholm on Monday vetoed another $54 million from public school funding, targeting school districts in metropolitan Detroit, and signed into law a statewide funding cut of $165 per student: here.

Number of Unemployed Going Without Federal Benefits Hits Record 3 Million: here.

USA: “Cashing in the War Dividend”: As Healthcare Reform Limited by Deficit Concerns, Military Spending Continues to Grow: here.

Thousands of job cuts are being implemented at higher and further education institutions throughout the UK: here.

Britain: The number of people falling behind on fuel bill payments has soared by 50 per cent in the past six months, Citizens Advice has warned: here.

The City is preparing for a 50 per cent rise in annual bonuses to £6 billion as bank profits make a swift recovery, a research group has warned: here.

Public must learn to ‘tolerate the inequality’ of bonuses, says Goldman Sachs vice-chairman: here.

2 thoughts on “US, UK economic crisis

  1. Mr. Ahmed Hamrouch, president of AAPSO
    issued the following statement
    on behalf of the Permanent Secretariat

    AAPSO on 17 October – International Day
    for Eradication of Poverty

    In recognition of the upcoming 20th anniversary of the convention on the Rights of the child which falls on 20th November 2009, which is specially observed in view of the difficulties children and families face living in poverty.

    U.N. Millennium campaign and global call to action against poverty are coordinating as part of the Millennium Development Goals which AAPSO too has endorsed along with other N.G.Os.

    The Millennium Development Goal is enunciated by the U.N with a view to eradicate poverty at least by half by 2015. But with the international financial meltdown along with food crises world over, this target of poverty eradication too has meltdown. According to the U.N, rather than eradicating; poverty is increasing that over 1.5 billion people today live in hunger. Million of children specially in developing countries today go to sleep without a meal. On the other hand as cost of food production increased, poor farmers are subject to enormous constraint.

    Despite all these hazards undergone by the poverty stricken people in increasing food crops, the rich countries are converting the fertile land for biofuel. At the same time both IMF and W.B have not changed their rules in providing loans to developing countries. Although the G20 has earmarked over U.S.$20 billion to assist most needy countries, the process are yet to go through the same old bureaucratic machinery hindering the programme of action in food production. Added to this is the climatic change which affect the food crops of the poor.

    People living in conflict zones and occupied territories such as Gaza face enormous hardships, as reported by the Goldstone Commission Report. AAPSO consider that NAM, along with U.N should take a much more effective action oriented stand to overcome the obstacles to eradication of poverty.


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