Queensland grouper ate green turtle

From the Brisbane Times in Australia:

Monster fish ‘swallows a whole green turtle


October 16, 2009

A 150-kilogram Queensland grouper washed ashore on Townsville Strand in Queensland on Wednesday had swallowed a green turtle whole before it died, experts say.

DPI veterinary pathologist Dr Ian Anderson found the dead 40-centimetre turtle inside the 2.2 metre long groper following an autopsy on the giant fish this week.

Groupers are classed as “top level” predators, and are known to eat spiny lobsters, fish, small sharks, turtles and stingrays.

Queensland’s biggest recorded grouper measured more than three metres long and weighed 288 kilograms.

Dr Anderson said when he arrived at Townsville Strand on Wednesday the fish was lying on its side in shallow water and in obvious distress.

“It died a short time later and we have taken a number of samples for further analysis,” he said.

“I do not believe the grouper’s final meal of a juvenile green turtle actually killed the fish and there were no external injuries.”

“But the lining of the stomach was red and inflamed so I’m waiting on bacteriology tests to find out the cause of death which should be finalised by next week.”

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