4 thoughts on “Cedar waxwing first for Ireland

  1. Cedar Waxwings are among my favorite birds. They are local birds but I have gone years without seeing any. I’ve always seen them in places where berries were abundant. One year that was outside my window. Another year I saw a big flock eating little red berries off trees in a train station parking lot. Beautiful birds.


  2. Hi Jon, thanks for your comment, and all my good wishes for you!

    About cedar waxwings:

    Waxwings breed across North America from the lower tier of Canadian provinces south to the northern gulf states. Their primary wintering site is in the southern U.S., but the species is nomadic and irruptive.

    Consequently they can be found anyplace in the United States and sometimes as far south as Costa Rica during the winter. Typically waxwings gather for fall migration in August, and migration continues through October.

    Keep your eyes on the neighborhood fruit trees. Regardless of the time of year a flock of cedar waxwings can drop in at any moment.

    Source: here.


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