Economic crisis continuing

Dollar cartoonThere are growing signs of a major shift in world currency alignments. Since March, the US dollar has steadily declined, depreciating by 13.3 percent on a trade-weighted basis. Last week the decline accelerated: here.

President Obama’s leading economic advisor said Monday that the US was well on the way to recovery, while acknowledging that higher levels of unemployment may become a permanent feature even after economic growth resumes: here.

USA: A recently released study reveals high levels of incarceration, joblessness, and poverty among young high school dropouts: here.

A recently released report by Australia’s Productivity Commission into CEO salaries has opposed any significant restraint on the multi-million dollar remuneration packages: here.

The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) has released a report demanding that the government raise university tuition fees from £3,225 to at least £5,000 a year: here.

The UN Food Organisation revealed on Tuesday that around one billion people across the world are still suffering from hunger and insisted that food production will have to increase by an incredible 70 per cent to ensure that everyone has enough to eat: here.

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