Anti-lesbianism in United States armed forces

From in the USA:

Friday, Oct. 9, 2009 00:05 PDT

The military’s war on lesbians

Apparently “don’t ask, don’t tell” strictly applies even in some military classrooms. The Air Force Academy gave a lieutenant colonel the boot for inviting gay alumni and combat veterans to speak to her class about non-hetero military members, reports the University of California, Santa Barbara’s Palm Center. Lt. Col. Edith A. Disler had the visit approved by her course director, but when higher-ups at the academy in Colorado Springs found out, she was investigated, formally reprimanded and banned from teaching.

In a case of poetic timing, if not justice, data was released showing women are disproportionately punished under “don’t ask, don’t tell”

In a case of poetic timing, if not justice, the center also released data Thursday showing women are disproportionately punished under the military’s fingers-in-your-ears policy toward homosexuals. Last year, an analysis of Pentagon data came to the same conclusion.

US women veterans: here.

An officer formerly in charge of a US Navy dog unit in Bahrain has been forced to retire after an investigation into the alleged abuse of a gay officer and others at the base: here.

Anthropology Abroad: Studying Women’s Roles in the Military: here.

Britain: A lesbian soldier who won a £190,000 payout after being harassed by a male superior has had her payout slashed by a third after Army chiefs appealed: here.

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