British torture in Iraq

Baha Mousa with his wife and two children: the Iraqi hotel receptionist died in British custody in 2003. Photograph: Reuters

From British daily The Guardian:

Baha Mousa witness tells of abuse by British soldiers

Iraqi claims he was forced to drink urine and had his head pushed down a toilet

* Richard Norton-Taylor

* Tuesday 6 October 2009 19.18 BST

An Iraqi detainee said today he was forced to drink the urine of British soldiers and described how his head was pushed down a toilet. The claims were made in a written statement by a witness, identified only as D005, at the public inquiry into the death in British custody of Baha Mousa, a Basra hotel receptionist, in September 2003.

“I recall a soldier urinated on me,” he said. “I could feel the urine seeping through my hood and running down my arms.” He added that a container was then placed on to his mouth.

The witness, the son of the then owner of the Ibn al-Haitham hotel in Basra, said in his statement that a British soldier forced his head “into the hole at the base of the toilet where the waste goes. The stench from the toilet was unbearable.” The statement was signed in June.

Questioned at the inquiry, witness D005 said a soldier lowered his head into the toilet and asked him to look into the hole for more than an hour.

He said hot water from a generator was splashed over his body, and at one point he was told to crouch with his arms out, and one of the soldiers put a bottle of water on his hands, ordering “that the water shouldn’t move at all. This was something impossible. Any person wouldn’t be able to do that. And if I did not carry out what I was told, then he would bring another bottle and that’s also impossible to do.”

Asked if he was urinated on by soldiers, he replied: “Yes”.

A military witness told the inquiry into the torture and killing of Iraqi hotel worker Baha Mousa by British troops in 2003 on Wednesday that soldiers boasted of “leathering” detainees at the detention centre in Basra: here.

See also here.

USA: A federal court judge on Monday revealed that the brutal interrogation of an alleged “war on terror” detainee imprisoned at Guantanamo for more than seven years was videotaped and she ordered the government to turn over the materials to the prisoner’s lawyers: here.

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