Spoonbills breeding in Dutch nature reserve

This is a video about spoonbills breeding in the Netherlands.

From Dutch news agency ANP:

5 October 2009 11:16

For the first time in thirty years, spoonbills have been breeding in Nieuwkoopse Plassen. Natuurmonumenten says so this monday.

The warden in this nature reserve has seen three couples nesting. ,,This is fantastic”, he says.

1 thought on “Spoonbills breeding in Dutch nature reserve

  1. Fury over rare bird shootings

    This spoonbill was hit in the bill by the gunman blasting it to a 90-degree right angle

    9 November 2009 06:57am

    Conservation groups have reacted in anger after “shocking” pictures emerged revealing that rare and highly protected birds were being illegally hunted.

    A horrifically injured spoonbill, a white, heron-like bird, had to be put down by vets after it was shot by hunters.

    The base of the blood-soaked bird’s bill had been blasted to a 90-degree right angle by the gunmen.

    Spoonbills, so named for their long spatula-shaped bills, use the appendage to sift through shallow water to detect food.

    With such horrific injuries the bird would have been unable to feed and if it had not died of its injuries, would have starved to death.

    Two of the birds, which can be regularly seen in the UK, have recently been killed after being shot at in northern France.

    Spoonbills are protected across Europe and hunting the birds is strictly illegal.

    But bans on hunting protected birds on the continent are regularly ignored.

    Spoonbills are seen during the spring and autumn migration in the UK, especially along south and east coast wetlands.

    RSPB spokesman Grahame Madge said: “This is a shocking incident affecting a beautiful and benign bird.”

    © The Press Association



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