United States economic crisis

This video says about itself:

10 February 2015

The Real USA, hosted by Stephanie Kennedy, takes a look at the stories not making headlines in the US commercial press. In today’s program: Poverty and educational cutbacks in North Carolina; young immigrants face US immigration policy; organizations educate immigrants on their rights under President Barack Obama’s Executive Order; shopping malls fall on hard times; New York City subway fare hike.

After a deal with billionaire auto dealer Roger Penske unraveled, G[eneral]M[otors] announced it would liquidate its Saturn brand, leading to the elimination of 350 dealerships and at least 13,000 jobs: here.

Michigan legislators passed a one-month interim budget on Thursday, averting a shutdown of state government services and preparing the way for major cuts to social spending and education: here.

3 thoughts on “United States economic crisis

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