Seabirds in Portugal, new book

This is a video of Cory’s shearwaters and dolphins near Madeira.

From BirdLife:

The first Portuguese Marine IBA inventory published


After four years of intense work SPEA (BirdLife in Portugal) has published the first Portuguese Inventory of Marine Important Bird Areas (IBAs).

Portugal is a haven for seabirds, with the archipelagos of Azores and Madeira hosting the largest populations of species such as the Cory’s Shearwater Calonectris diomedea or the Bulwer’s Petrel Bulweria bulwerii.

Video about Cory’s shearwaters on Malta: here.

Leucistic Cory’s shearwater chick photographed by Ricardo Rocha on the Madeira Archipelago: here.

Malta born Cory’s Shearwater flies to Senegal: here.

England: Three months of public consultation are getting under way on plans to make Liverpool Bay a special protection area for birds: here.

Isle of May seabird chick numbers up – But total populations decline: here.

September 2010: A new report by Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) reveals that Scotland’s seabird numbers appear to be levelling off, after a steady period of decline since 2000: here.

Scottish Red Kite in the Azores: here.

Seabirds’ movement patterns tied to what fishermen toss away: here.

Fishing gear in EU waters is estimated by BirdLife International and the RSPB (BirdLife in the UK) to have killed two million seabirds in the past ten years, more than the toll recorded from all the European oil tanker disasters put together as far back as the Torrey Canyon in 1967: here.

The Centre of Marine Sciences (CCMAR) is promoting International Ornithology Courses in the Algarve. “Discover BIRDS & BIRDLIFE in the Algarve” is the slogan for this program, which aims to promote knowledge about birds and their biology, as well as “birding” as a culture and business opportunity: here.

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