Shoe thrown at IMF boss

Shoe flying towards IMF bossFrom Associated Press:

ISTANBUL, Oct. 1, 2009

Student Reporter Whips Shoe at IMF Head

Dominique Strauss-Kahn Dodges Injury During News Conference in Istanbul

A student journalist threw a shoe at IMF Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn on Thursday and ran toward the stage shouting “IMF get out!” as the finance official answered questions at a university in Istanbul.

The white sports shoe missed the IMF chief and landed on the platform. Strauss-Kahn moved to the side but was not in any danger of being hit, and a security guard rushed to protect him.

Other guards quickly blocked the man – a student and a journalist with a small left-wing newspaper – from reaching the speakers platform. They pushed him to the floor, covered his mouth with their hands and then dragged him from the hall.

A female protester also tried to unfurl a banner while shouting “IMF get out!” but she was escorted out of the conference hall.

The conference was then cut short and the hall evacuated.

It was the latest copycat shoe protest imitating the shoe attack last year directed at former President George W. Bush by an Iraqi journalist in Baghdad.

The protester in Istanbul, Selcuk Ozbek, had attended the conference at Istanbul’s Bilgi University as a guest student from another Turkish university, Anadolu, said Halil Guven, the dean of the Bilgi University.

Ibrahim Aydin, the managing editor of the Birgun newspaper, confirmed that Ozbek worked for his paper but said he was not on duty Thursday and was not representing the paper during the conference.

“I don’t think throwing a shoe involves violence, it has become a symbol in culture of protest,” Aydin said.

The International Monetary Fund was holding its annual conference in Istanbul. Police have detained more than 20 protesters in total.

Birgun report on this: here.

Turkish police have fired tear gas and used water cannon for a second day to break up protests against the International Monetary Fund and World Bank, witnesses say: here.

Twenty thousand trade unionists marched against attacks on public-sector pay in Bucharest on Wednesday, giving vent to mounting public outrage over an IMF-mandated austerity programme: here.

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