Dutch military aircraft kills Afghan civilians

This video from the USA is called Sonali Kolhatkar on Why Afghanistan is “Just as Bad as Iraq”.

This week, in Helmand province in Afghanistan, not just the United States Air Force are busy killing civilians.

Their Dutch little brothers as well. According to Dutch ANP news agency:

KABUL – During an airstrike by a Dutch F-16 in the southern Afghan province Helmand, Afghan civilians have been killed on Wednesday. The commander in chief of the Dutch armed forces, General Peter van Uhm, said so on Thursday from Kabul to the ANP.

The F-16 did a precision bombing

“Precision”, indeed

on a suburb of Lashkar Gah, the capital of Helmand. … According to a local tribal elder, at least nine civilians were killed, including some children.

Canadians and Dutch kill civilians, by Dave Markland: here.

British Defence Secretary Bob Ainsworth has hinted at sending more troops to Afghanistan as a top US general admitted that victory over the Taliban was not a foregone conclusion: here.

US President Barack Obama is facing a split among his closest advisers over whether to pour still more soldiers into Afghanistan or shift to a drone-based strategy that directly targets militant leaders in Pakistan: here.

USA: As the U.S.-led war in Afghanistan begins its ninth year, national anti-war groups join together for a day of nonviolent direct action on Monday, October 5 at the White House: here.

3 thoughts on “Dutch military aircraft kills Afghan civilians

  1. AGI, October 1, 2009

    6 Children and 3 Women Killed During NATO Raid in Afghanistan
    The new accidental killing of civilians was reported by Daud Ahmadi, spokesperson of the provincial governor.

    Kandahar – Six children and three women were killed during a NATO air raid in the province of Helmand, southern Afghanistan. The new accidental killing of civilians was reported by Daud Ahmadi, spokesperson of the provincial governor. The raid, which claimed the life of 4 armed Taliban, was ordered as a reply to an attack against a convoy of NATO and Afghan forces in a village located in the Nad Ali district.

    The male wounded civilians were admitted to a NATO hospital.



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