Plateosaurus reconstruction in the museum

This “Walking with dinosaurs” video is called Plateosaurus vs. Liliensternus.

As this blog said, today a plateosaurus from Switzerland was reconstructed in the natural history museum. It was one of over a hundred, found in a mass grave in Frick village.

These herbivorous reptiles lived in the late Triassic, about 216 million year ago. They were the biggest of the dinosaurs, still a recent group then. However, compared to many later dinosaur species they were small with their 5 to 9 meter.

Many people, including many children, had come to see the reconstruction. After an hour, the head and other parts had been attached to the skeleton. Only the end of its tail was not yet where it should be.

This plateosaurus is called Monica, but it is not known whether it is male or female. Like with most dinosaurs.

People who had participated in the digging for these dinosaurs, like Martijn Guliker and Ben Pabst from Switzerland, were present to reply to questions from the audience.

They showed the hammers they had used. And pillows, for making digging while kneeling on rock more comfortable.

I asked Martijn whether, besides plateosaurus, other species had beenn discovered. Some carnivorous dinosaur teeth, he replied. Too little to conclude much from. And some lungfish teeth. Maybe the lungfish had been dragged along in a flood which killed the plateosaurs and covered them with mud.

Very few plant fossils were found. Maybe a horsetail? Difficult to tell.

Why so little plant fossils, and so many plateosaurus fossils? Because the plateosaurus always lived in a desert with very few plants? Problematic for such a big herbivorous animal. Because they were migrating through an area with few plants when mass death surprised them? Or because conditions for plants fossilizing there were not as good as for dinosaurs fossilizing there?

This is a video about this Plateosaurus reconstruction.

What (Maybe) Didn’t Kill the Dinosaurs: Comets: here.

Geologists in southern India say they have found hundreds of dinosaur egg clusters which could be about 65 million years old: here.

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