Orchids museum exhibition

This video says about itself:

The relationship between Orchid Bees (genus Euglossa) and Orchids is remarkable.

This video shows male Orchid Bees collecting fragrance from a Mexican Orchid, Mormodes badia.

Filmed at Puerto Vallarta Botanical Gardens.

This being the Darwin year, there is a small exhibition about orchids, and their relationship to pollinating insects, in the natural history museum.

Charles Darwin himself studied orchids.

One of the subjects is the broad-leaved helleborine. Compared to other orchid species in the Netherlands, rather a common species. It even grows on the museum’s parking lot.

Orchids threatened by phosphates: here.

Social insects: here.

2 thoughts on “Orchids museum exhibition

  1. World’s smallest orchid discovered in Ecuador

    Jeremy Hance

    November 30, 2009

    Measuring just 2.1 millimeters wide, the world’s smallest orchid has been discovered hiding in the roots of another plant, reports the Independent.

    The miniscule orchid, so small that its petals are only one cell thick, was discovered in the Cerro Candelaria Reserve, a place known for possessing many of the world’s tiniest orchids.

    The orchid was discovered by expert orchid hunter, Dr. Lou Jost. “It’s an exciting feeling to find a new species. People think everything has been discovered but there’s much more,” he told the Independent.

    Cerro Candelaria Reserve was established in partnership with the World Land Trust out of the UK and Ecuador’s EcoMinga Foundation. The reserve is 2113 hectares and possess a number of endemic orchids, including an orchid genus found no where else. The reserve is also home to threatened species like the spectacled bear and the mountain tapir.



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