“Beagle journey” fossil egg in the museum

This video from the USA is about the early fossil bird Archaeopteryx, evolution, and creationism.

There is not just a small exhibition about orchids in the museum now. Also one of a fossil egg.

As this blog wrote, on the Selvagen islands south of Madeira, a Miocene fossil egg has been found.

It was discovered during the Dutch TV sailing ship journey around the world, “in the footsteps” of Charles Darwin’s journey on the Beagle.

That egg is exhibited now in the museum along with the tool with which it was extracted. The researchers found the egg on the biggest island of the archipelago, Selvagen grande, on what is now rock, but was a beach when it was laid. During the TV program about the discovery of the egg, it was suggested it belonged to a species, ancestral to the petrels nesting on Selvagen grande now.

However, petrels mainly nest in holes between rocks or in the ground. While birds like terns and plovers nest on beaches.

The scientists do not know yet which Miocene bird species laid the egg. They will do more research, by comparing the egg to other eggs already in the museum collection, by scanning, etc.

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