President Zelaya returns to Honduras

This video from the USA says about itself:

Shaun Joseph and Providence City Councilman Miguel Luna report back on the resistance to the coup in Honduras.

Honduras video and photos by Shaun Joseph; reporter – Miguel Luna. Filmed by Paul Hubbard at the Open Table of Christ Church in Providence RI on 8-19-09.

From the BBC:

Ousted Honduran leader ‘returns’

Ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya says he has returned to his country, about three months after being deposed.

“I am here in Tegucigalpa,” he told local TV. Venezuela, Guatemala and the US have confirmed his return. Reports suggest he is in the Brazilian embassy.

His supporters have gathered outside a UN office in the capital, Tegucigalpa, after initial reports he was there.

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This video is part of an update by Al Jazeera.

Honduras: Zelaya returns — the people celebrate: here.

7 thoughts on “President Zelaya returns to Honduras

  1. Hi Hampshire, as the United States and many other governments have confirmed, President Zelaya is indeed in Honduras now, in the Brazilian embassy. I have seen TV images of him addressing thousands of jubilant supporters there.

    After first being in denial, the Micheletti junta has confirmed in its own dictatorial way that President Zelaya is back indeed: by banning demonstrations, having a curfew, and closing all airports. Courageous Hondurans ignore those bans by the dictatorship. They need support by all democratic minded people in the world.

    That Zelaya did play “hide and seek” before arriving in the capital is because the dictatorship are ruthless killers who have already killed Zelaya supporters.


  2. just let’s work towards freedom in this county so that their people can stay there or go back to their homeland…this would make them happy.


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