New big fish species discovered in Brazil

This video is called Unbelieveable Stuff: Bizarre Gelatinous Fish Found in Brazil.

From National Geographic, with video there:

An unusual fish, previously unknown was discovered recently off Brazil’s Bahia coast.

The fish is over 6 feet long, with a long tail was found floating in the sea by researchers from the TAMAR Project, a sea turtle conservation project.

TAMAR project coordinator Guy Marcovaldi captured the first images of the fish, which was dead and lying near the surface of the water. His special underwater camera is normally used for tracking and filming sea turtles. …

Specialists observing the fish told Brazils TV Globo the animal weighs about 88 pounds (40 kilos).

It has small teeth and no scales. Due to its large body fat content and gelatinous consistency, researchers do not believe it would be edible. …

The fish will be preserved in formaldehyde and maintained in the zoology department of the Federal University of Bahia, where experts hope to discover more about the fish, including its origins.

There are over 200,000 known species of sea plants and animals in the world, but scientists believe there may be more than a million others that are still unknown.

In this second paper dedicated to report on deep-sea fishes from Brazilian waters, mainly from Bahia, the presence of one family and three species of Aulopoidei is reported for the first time from Brazilian waters: the aulopid Aulopus filamentosus (royal flagfin), the synodontids Saurida normani and Synodus poeyi (shortjaw lizardfish and offshore lizardfish, respectively). The presence of Synodus saurus and Saurida suspicio in Brazilian waters is discussed, and a key to the Western Atlantic Aulopoidei is provided: here.

Fernando de Noronha islands in Brazil: here.

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