Neo-conservative Irving Kristol dies

This video from the USA says about itself:

Leo Strauss and the Politics of the American Empire

Anne Norton, born in 1954, is an American professor of political science and comparative literature. She currently holds a chair in political science at the University of Pennsylvania.

Norton’s central intellectual interest has been the meaning and consequences of political identity. In the video, Norton defines the neoconservative political identity.

From the Daily Beast in the USA:

Irving Kristol, a fixture in American political thinking for decades, has passed away at 89, according to The Weekly Standard, the magazine helmed by Kristol’s son, Bill. Born in Brooklyn, New York, Kristol became a major critic of Communism following World War II.

Neo-conservatism, the political philosophy that held sway during the George W. Bush administration, has often been traced back to Kristol’s pen. He edited Commentary, Encounter, and The National Interest, among other publications.

A comment by “Ritarita”, also in the Daily Beast, about neo-conservatism:

I don’t mind
That the term has been
To include all of those
On the Right who believe that war
And especially pre-emptive war
Should be America’s foreign policy-
And have never met any war they didn’t like
As long as someone else was
Fighting it for them

David Kilcullen, a top Australian-born advisor to the US military, delivered a lecture in Sydney on September 3. His remarks provide an insight into the methods and mentality of those directing the US-led wars in Iraq and Afghanistan: here.

In 1955 James Burnham, the intellectual godfather of modern American neo-conservatism, reviewed The Prophet Armed, the first volume of Isaac Deutscher’s monumental biography of Leon [Lev Davidovich] Trotsky: here.

Obituary: Hilton Kramer, art critic and neoconservative: here.

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