Honduran teachers fight against dictatorship

This video is called Honduras Human Rights Platform Acceptance Speech: Juan Almendarez.

From British daily The Morning Star:

Teachers take action to defend Zelaya

Friday 18 September 2009

Teachers and professors in Honduras launched a 48-hour strike on Thursday against the June 28 coup and to demand the reinstatement of constitutional order in their country.

The strike, which was organised by the Honduran Federation of Teaching Organisations and the Association of Higher Education Professors, is part of a series of ongoing actions organised by the umbrella National Front against the Coup.

Thursday marked the 82nd day of resistance to the coup regime.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s spokesman has announced that she will meet Costa Rican President Oscar Arias next week to discuss the Honduran crisis.

State Department spokesman Philip Crowley said that the meeting would take place on the sidelines of the United Nations general assembly, which begins on Monday.

“I would expect next week we’ll continue to look for ways to support the San Jose process,” Mr Crowley said, referring to the peace process brokered by Mr Arias to restore Mr Zelaya.

September 15 – Central American Independence Day; Neocolonialism Meets Resistance in Honduras: here.

Honduras Longest Peaceful Protest: here.

4 thoughts on “Honduran teachers fight against dictatorship

  1. Pope nixes Honduras coup

    Honduras: Luis Alfonso Santos, Bishop in western Honduran diocese, stated that Pope Benedict XVI opposed to the June 28 military coup.

    Television’s channel 36, opposed to the military coup, gave details Thursday about a 15-minute interview the religious authority held with His Holyness a month ago.

    “The Pope talked in favor of the Honduran people and against the military coup,” the priest said during a meeting with members of the anti-coup resistance held in the western department of Intibuca.

    Santo recalled that a day after armed forces of President Manuel Zelaya were ousted, the Copan diocese termed the fact a coup d’Etat.

    That religious dependence includes five departments of west Honduras: Copan, Intibuca, Lempira, Ocotepeque, and Santa Barbara.

    The document also condemned human rights violations and soldiers’ aggressions in mass media like channel 36, Radio Globo, and Radio Progreso, from Jesuits, Santos said.

    Disclosures by Monsignor Santos about Pope’s stance were simultaneously broadcast with Radio Globo. Tegucigalpa, Prensa Latina



  2. The other September 11: US backed coup in Chile, 1973

    An excerpt from John Pilger’s documentary The War on Democracy, which
    recounts the involvement of the United States government in the brutal
    1973 military coup that overthrew the democratic socialist government of
    President Salvador Allende — paradoxically on September 11. It ushered
    in a regime of torture and tyranny.
    Below, see director Ken Loach’s moving contribution to the 11″9’01 project.

    * Read more http://links.org.au/node/1242


  3. Interview with Honduras resistance leader: `The US is sustaining the

    During an August 17-19, 2009, international seminar on the economic
    crisis hosted by the Party of Liberty and Socialism in Sao Paolo,
    Brazil, Green Left Weekly/Links International Journal of Socialist
    Renewal journalists Kiraz Janicke and Federico Fuentes, together with
    journalists from Marea Socialista (Venezuela) and Alternativa Socialista
    (Argentina), were able to interview Gilberto Rios from the international
    relations commission of the National Popular Resistance Front against
    the Coup about the growing resistance movement against the US backed
    coup which ousted the democratically elected president of Honduras,
    Manuel Zelaya, on June 28.

    * Read more http://links.org.au/node/1236


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