Iraqi shoe-thrower’s speech

From the Stop the War site in Britain:

My flower to Bush the occupier: the story of my shoe

“Here I am, free. But my country is still a prisoner of war,” said Mutadhar al-Zaidi, the Iraqi who threw his shoe at George Bush, in this speech he gave on his release.

The Iraqi reporter who was jailed for throwing his shoes at former US President George W Bush alleged on Tuesday that he was tortured in police custody: here.

3 thoughts on “Iraqi shoe-thrower’s speech

  1. US responds to slipper with guns

    Iraq: US soldiers have admitted that they shot and wounded an Iraqi man in Fallujah on Wednesday after he threw his slipper at them.

    According to a US military statement, Ahmed al-Jumaili “threw an object, believed to be a grenade” at the passing troops, prompting them to “fire in self-defence.”

    Mr Jumaili was rushed to hospital and was in stable condition there on Thursday


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