1,5 million fraudulent Afghan votes, EU says

This video is called Afghan elections ‘marred by fraud’ – 24 Aug 09.

From Al Jazeera:

EU: Afghan vote fraud widespread

Counting is now completed, but the sheer scale of suspected fraud questions any result

EU election observers have said that about 1.5 million votes cast in Afghanistan‘s elections last month could be fraudulent – almost a third of ballots cast.

The deputy head of the EU Election Observation Mission to Afghanistan, Dimitra Ioannou, told reporters on Wednesday that 1.1 million votes cast for the incumbent Hamid Karzai were suspicious.

Ioannou said there had also been 300,000 questionable votes for his main rival Abdullah Abdullah, with the rest of the suspicious votes cast for other candidates.

EU observers did not give an estimated figure for turnout, but it is believed to be low as the conflict between the Taliban and a Western-backed Afghan government becomes ever more deadly.

So, according to this European Union estimate, there are about 1,5 million fake votes, and 3 million real votes. 3 million real votes, then, from a population estimated at over 28 million in Afghanistan.

From the New Statesman:

A top official on the UN mission in Afghanistan has walked out over a disagreement on the reaction to vote-rigging in the presidential elections.

Peter Galbraith, the top American official in the UN mission, had pushed for a stronger reaction to the vote-rigging than that favoured by Kai Eide, the Norwegian head of the mission, who is hesitant to give the impression that foreigners were dictating the process.

Following the latest massacre in Kunduz there is a growing chorus of opinion in German military and right-wing political circles that it is time for the German army to pull off its kid gloves and conduct “proper” war in Afghanistan: here.

Allegations Mount Against Colonel Georg Klein for a Strike That Killed Civilians in Afghanistan: here.

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