Velociraptor claws for climbing, not slashing?

This video is called velociraptor Jurassic Park.

From LiveScience:

Velociraptor Claws Made for Climbing

By Robert Roy Britt, Editorial Director

posted: 14 September 2009 09:42 am ET

The vicious Velociraptor of pop culture slashes and disembowels its prey with large, curved claws. The dinosaur gore makes for good cinema, but one research team thinks those claws were made for climbing.

Phillip Manning at the University of Manchester and his colleagues used X-ray scans of fossils from the Late Cretaceous period (spanning from 144 million to 65 million years ago) and drew from knowledge of the material in modern-day owl claws to make a model of the Velociraptor‘s supposed death sickles.

Velociraptor and other dromaeosaurids were bipedal and lightweight and related to modern birds. A study in 2007 found Velociraptor had feathers, though it could not fly.

Stress tests showed the curved claws “were well-adapted for climbing as they would have been resistant to forces acting in a single (longitudinal) plane, in this case due to gravity,” the scientists write in the journal Anatomical Record. “The tip of the claw functioned as the puncturing and gripping element,” and the rest of the claw could have transferred the stress to bones.

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