Little grebe and shovelers

This is a video about Millingerwaard roe deer.

Today in the Millingerwaard nature reserve.

Many great cormorants.

Gadwall ducks. Tufted ducks.

Long-tailed tits.

First a white stork flying, then three shovelers flying.

Finally, a little grebe swimming among coots.


Snipes and kestrel

This is a video about a greenshank in Breebaart nature reserve.

Yesterday in the Ooijpolder, not far from the Waal river.

Many grey lag geese.

Three buzzards, circling in the air.

A kestrel.

In the Oude Waal lake, a juvenile shelduck. Scores of teal.

Greenshank, redshank and juvenile pied wagtail along the shore.

Spoonbills a bit further.

Whinchats sitting on meadow fences.

Two snipes standing in the shallow water.

Flocks of goldfinches.

Finally, a male pheasant.