British nazis threaten photographers

This video is called English Defence League protestors giving Nazi salutes at their recent “protest” in Birmingham.

From London daily The Morning Star:

NUJ hits back at racist website’s threats

Friday 11 September 2009

by Louise Nousratpour

The National Union of Journalists (NUJ) has condemned a website supporting the far-right English Defence League for carrying a thinly disguised threat against press photographers.

The organisation, which has held a series of demonstrations against what it calls Islamic extremism, objects to media images of its supporters making nazi salutes.

It has told demonstrators to treat photographers and camera operators as “hostile.”

NUJ freelance organiser John Toner said: “The NUJ takes threats against its members very seriously and we condemn the clear incitement to violence intended in the phrase ‘should be treated as hostile.’

“We have reported this threat to the police and their intelligence team will be briefed.”

Mr Toner added: “Journalists are providing a public service by exposing the thuggery of these racist bigots and we look to the police to protect media workers.”

NUJ general secretary Jeremy Dear demanded that the English Defence League remove “this obvious threat to photographers and to take down the pictures taken by our members that it has posted in breach of copyright laws.”

In response, UK Casuals United [=English Defence League] has posted a comment on its website calling NUJ officials “left-wing tosspots” and has refused to withdraw the threat to photographers.

“We’ll repeat, anyone taking film or pics who hasn’t been invited by us is to be treated as hostile,” the online statement reads.

About the self-styled “English Defence League” football hooligan nazis:

The EDL, which is organising tomorrow night’s provocation in Harrow, professes to be distinct from the BNP, against violence and non-racist. All three claims are false.

Anti-fascist magazine Searchlight has researched the league’s leadership and identified a number of far-right members and sympathisers.

Far from being non-violent, the EDL was behind a riot in Luton in May when 300 hooligans rampaged through the town, overturning cars, smashing windows and attacking passers-by.

Update: here.

The BNP on the BBC? Here.

BNP and German NPD nazis: here.

A report that claimed reporting racist abuse in schools was a waste of teacher’s time has sparked outrage from teaching union NASUWT: here.

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