Honduran capitalists bribing voters in dictatorship’s pseudo-election

From London daily The Morning Star:

Honduras‘s bosses offer to pay people to vote in election

Thursday 10 September 2009

Honduras‘s increasingly isolated coup regime has announced a plan to break the boycott of November’s presidential elections by offering cash discounts to voters.

Adolfo Facussé, the head of the Honduran big business federation and a key figure in the regime, said this week that anyone who could prove they had voted would be offered the inducement.

“Those with a painted finger will have an automatic discount on any purchases made anywhere in the country,” the wealthy businessman promised.

The level of discount to be offered would be decided after further meetings with politicians, Mr Facussé explained, adding: “The important thing is to strengthen democracy and defeat abstention.”

Elected president Manuel Zelaya was kidnapped by armed soldiers on June 28 and expelled from the country.

According to human rights group Amnesty International, “beatings and mass arrests are being used as a way of punishing people for voicing their opposition to the military-backed coup d’etat.”

At least 12 opponents of the regime have been assassinated.

The National Resistance Front of Honduras has called for a boycott of the November poll and the international community has said it will not recognise the results of elections conducted under conditions of military oppression.

Brazilian president, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, assured that the coup in Honduras is an unacceptable step back in Latin America and which we should unconditionally reject: here.

Honduras resistance enters day 76: here.

Jorge Martin, international secretary of the Hands Off Venezuela campaign and contributing writer to Marxist.com was interviewed on August 29 by Sylvia Richardson of the Canadian radio CJSF on her program “Latin Waves.” Topics discussed include the coup in Honduras, the expansion of US military in Colombia, the so called “war on drugs” and “Plan Colombia”: here.

UN canceling election aid to Honduras: here.

IMF Gives $164 million to Coup Government in Honduras, Following Familiar Pattern: here.

Read more at: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/mark-weisbrot/imf-gives-164-million-to_b_288765.html

Colombia exporting paramilitaries to Honduras: here.

Colombian Paramilitaries Recruited by Pro-Coup Forces in Honduras: here.

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