Pakistani landlord’s cruelty to fisherman

From the Frontier Post in Pakistan:

Feudal lord let loose dogs at fisherman

F.P. Report

JALALPUR: Brutality reached its peak in Jalalpur when a fisherman Abdul Ghaffar was injured seriously by pet dogs in Khan Bela village (Jalalpur Pirwala) when a feudal lord Ghulam Qadar let loose his hunting dogs at the fisherman to punish him because he had refused to give fish free of cost to the feudal.

SP Sadar Karamat Ali Malik told media: “We have recorded the statement of the victim Abdul Ghaffar and we will institute a case against the landlord on the charges of murderous attempt.” He said earlier a girl was also injured by these dogs when she reprimanded a Zamindar on molesting her. Dr. Fakhar Ahmed said: “We are trying to save fisherman’s face through plastic surgery. However, one of his eyes has been lost.”

Pakistan: Unilever Lipton Management/Contractors Instigate Violent Attacks On Khanewal Action Committee Members: here.

Pakistan’s draconian “blasphemy” laws have come under renewed criticism since several Christians were killed this summer by a mob of Muslim fundamentalists in a pogrom-style attack: here.

Bonded labour in Pakistan: here.

Women in Pakistan: here.

Pakistani soldiers are seen apparently abusing Taliban suspects in a 10-minute video which has been posted on the social networking site, Facebook: here.

PAKISTAN: Students Want Schools to Remain Open Amid Attacks: here.

The Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign PTUDC along with the Labour Action Committee, the MRDW Unilever (Movement for the Restoration of Dismissed Workers), the Unilever Workers’ Action Committee and the Unilever Revolutionary Workers’ Union organised a rally from Railway Square to the gate of the Unilever factory in Rahim Yar Khan on November 27: here.

2 thoughts on “Pakistani landlord’s cruelty to fisherman

  1. Asia Bibi ‘innocent of blasphemy’

    PAKISTAN: A Christian woman sentenced to death for blasphemy against Islam is innocent, a government minister investigating the case said today, adding he was hopeful she would be granted a presidential pardon and be freed.

    The sentence against Asia Bibi has called new attention to Pakistan’s blasphemy law, which critics say is used to persecute minorities, fan religious extremism and settle personal vendettas.

    On November 8 a court sentenced Ms Bibi to hang after convicting her of insulting the Prophet Muhammad.


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